System integration

Stout is one of the leading representatives of this industry in Russia and carries out work on all types of engineering systems in the commissioning of new energy facilities, industry, transport systems and telecommunications systems and their modernization. The company performs a full cycle of works: from pre-project analysis and preparation of the technical assignment to the development of the project, technical solution, installation and commissioning of the system. The basic principles of the company's work are quality and professionalism.


The direction of "System Integration" as part of Stout LLC has been operating since the company was founded in 2009 and is a leading and priority one. We develop effective solutions even where the use of currently available modern industrial technologies does not give the desired result. We implement solutions that combine different technologies, and also offer services that are beneficial both from a commercial and an environmental point of view. Our customers benefit from lower production costs, higher productivity, accuracy, dynamism, safety and efficiency. In joint work, we achieve maximum productivity, both in engineering and in economic indicators. Competent staff - our employees have vast experience in performing engineering work of varying complexity, the company also provides timely training and professional development of personnel.


Our advantages:


• Innovative technologies - we offer a wide range of modern solutions in the field of engineering systems.

• Complex service - we carry out a full cycle of works: from the development of technical specifications to commissioning and after-sales service.

• Wide opportunities - availability of own design office and production base, as well as long experience of cooperation with leading suppliers of engineering equipment and components.

• Guarantees - thanks to the implemented ISO-9001 quality system, we guarantee a high level of quality of our equipment and systems.


Main activities:


• Telecommunication networks and systems

• Comprehensive security systems

• Fire safety systems, including fire fighting

• Structured cabling systems

• Multimedia and video conferencing systems

• Automated process control systems

• Electricity

• Power supply systems

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