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Design center

The STAUT company was founded in 2009 by graduates of leading Russian technical universities. Until that time, a group of employees worked together in a scientific laboratory, the main task of which was the creation and implementation of algorithms for the field of telecommunications, digital radio, image processing, as well as the design of various devices based on FPGAs and signal processors (DSP). The company is now a modern design center with its own experimental production.

main activities

Development of ASIC (SoC) with subsequent production at domestic and foreign factories (design of digital and analog circuits, creation of R&D and mass production);

Development of digital computing modules for various purposes (PC, aviation, space, etc.);

Development of electronic engineering devices (high-speed radio, high-performance control modules for robotic systems, powerful telecommunication devices, etc.).

We also conduct research projects in the following areas:

– recording and storing information on solid-state drives;

– filtering and noise reduction algorithms;

– algorithms for error correction of digital data streams;

– algorithms for encoding / decoding


Adress: 192029, St. Petersburg, Prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony, 123 A, Pom. 20

Tel: (812) 325-52-03