Design Center and System Integration

“Staut” was founded in 2009 by graduates of leading Russian technical universities. Until this time, a group of employees worked together in a scientific laboratory, the main task of which was the creation and implementation of algorithms for telecommunications, digital radio, image processing, as well as the design of various devices based on FPGAs and signal processors (DSP). Currently, the company is a modern design center with its own experimental production.


Development and design of electronic equipment devices and integrated circuits from pre-project analysis and preparation of technical specifications to transfer to production. Pilot production of electronics. Consulting support for the development and production of microelectronics according to the Fabless model.  System integration.

ASIC Design

Development of digital and analog microcircuits, custom IP (SF blocks)

FPGA Design

Design of digital and analog-to-digital devices based on FPGA , modeling on FPGA

System integration

From analysis before the project and preparation of the technical specifications to the development of the project, technical solutions, installation of the launch system

Equipment for radio relay stations

Automated control systems

Integrated Security Systems

design and development


The company provides a complete design cycle for digital devices based on FPGAs, microcontrollers, and digital signal processors (DSPs), while providing an end-to-end principle – from developing an algorithm, circuitry, and program code to placing it in production. In the development process, work is underway on the packaging of the device, three-dimensional modeling, calculation of thermal conditions, the reliability of electronic devices and ASIC. The company is transforming FPGA projects into ASICs.

System integration

Automated Systems

The company carries out work on all types of engineering systems as part of the commissioning of new facilities in the energy, industry, transport and telecommunication systems and their modernization. Participates in the project “Smart City” – a system to ensure public safety. It supplies automated control systems for power supply facilities and control of traction substations based on the STK-004 module. Delivers digital radio relay stations of the ST-RRL-4 series.

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